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New Moon Ritual For Manifesting

June 10, 2016

We have a Super 'New Moon' occurring on July 23th 2017 in the fiery sign of Leo. This New Moon is all about heart energy and transforming your life with love and creativity.

This is a highly charged and inspired time for creating what you desire in your life and INTEND your Higher Purpose!

New Moons occur when the sun conjuncts the Moon about every 29.5 days. New Moons signify a time of cleansing out the old and beginning anew. A fresh-start to set goals, intentions, and plant seeds to manifest and come to fruition at the following Full Moon.

The New Moon energy is very powerful and it can be harnessed through ritual to manifest our intentions. Ritual is a beautiful way to connect symbolically to your Higher Self and set your clear intentions of what you want to bring into your life. Part of co-creating our world is in connecting with the energy of the natural ebb and flow of our universe and utilizing this energy to bring forth our desires. There are energies of endings (as in the Full Moon) and there are energies of beginnings and manifesting, this is why a New Moon ritual is so powerful. 


Following is my New Moon Ritual:

  1. WRITE - I can't say enough about how powerful putting a pen to paper is. Setting clear, specific intentions tells the universe exactly what you want and puts the energy to create this into motion.
  2. Create a sacred space - light candles, burn incense, play relaxing music.
  3. Ask your Higher-Self for guidance, call in any helping spirits and angels.
  4. Bring out your favorite gemstones and crystals.
  5. Smudge yourself and the space with sage. For info on how to smudge see my blog (here).
  6. Take out your journal and start off by writing what you are most grateful for.
  7. Next, write about anything that you are wanting to release that no longer serves you.
  8. I like to write the words - New Moon Intentions and number my list of intentions.
  9. Remember to always right your intentions in the present tense, as though you have them already (for example: I am meeting like-minded people on a daily basis).
  10. Read your list over slowly and really imagine, visualize and feel your desires.
  11. Finish off in gratitude.
  12. Now that you have set your intentions out to the universe the final step is allowing them to come into your life. This is where trust comes in and knowing that you have launched your intentions and that they will come to you in the perfect way and at the perfect time.

There is no right or wrong way to do ritual as it is the intention that is important, feel free to add and/or take out anything that resonates with you. You can also create an Altar to anchor and magnify your intentions.

If you aren’t journaling - I would recommend starting. Journaling is very healing practice for personal and spiritual growth, and is a powerful tool you can use to manifest the life that you envision for yourself. I have been keeping a journal for years and I can’t say enough about how it has helped me heal the past and create the life of my dreams.

Using crystals and gemstones are a way to supercharge your desires even further as they magnify your intentions when they are programmed. Our jewelry line, Shaman Sisters™ Designs are handcrafted with gemstones that provide protection from negative energies, are energized through a special Shamanic ceremonial process with the following intentions: healing, protection, grounding, joy, abundance, confidence, and transformation.

Check out these one-of-a-kind, powerful and authentic gemstone jewelry designs (here).  

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I would love to hear what your New Moon Rituals are, please share in the comments and have a Blessed and Profound New Moon!

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