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  Agate – 


Shop Agate designs here

Angelite –


Shop Angelite designs here

Amazonite -


Shop Amazonite designs here

Amethyst -


Shop Amethyst designs here



Shop Ametrine designs here

Apatite -


Shop Apatite designs here

Aquamarine -


Shop Aquamarine designs here

Aqua Aura Quartz


Shop Aqua Aura Quartz designs here

Black Agate-


Shop Black Agate designs here

Black Tourmaline -


Shop Black Tourmaline designs here

  Black Onyx -


Shop Black Onyx designs here

Blue Agate -


Shop Blue Agate designs here

Blueberry Agate -


Shop Blueberry Agate designs here

Blue Lace Agate -


Shop Blue Lace Agate designs here

Blue Tigers Eye -


Shop Blue Tigers Eye designs here

Carnelian -


Shop Carnelian designs here



Shop Chalcedony designs here



Shop Chrysocolla designs here

Chrysoprase -


Shop Chrysoprase designs here

Citrine -


Shop Citrine designs here

Cracked Quartz -


Shop Cracked Quartz designs here

Fire Agate


Shop Fire Agate designs here

Fluorite -


Shop Fluorite designs here

Garnet -


Shop Garnet designs here

Hematite -


Shop Hematite designs here

Howlite -


Shop Howlite designs here

Kunzite -


Shop Kunzite designs here

Kyanite -


Shop Kyanite designs here

Labradorite –


Shop Labradorite designs here

Lapis Lazuli -


Shop Lapis Lazuli designs here

Lava Stone -


Shop Lava Stone designs here

Lavender Jade -


Shop Lavender Jade designs here

Multicoloured  Moonstone -

Shop Multicoloured Moonstone designs here

Multicoloured Tourmaline -


Shop Multicoloured Tourmaline designs here



Shop Malachite designs here

Magnesite Turquoise –


Shop Magnesite Turquoise designs here

Moonstone -


Shop Moonstone designs here

Morganite -


Shop Morganite designs here

Obsidian -


Shop Obsidian designs here

Opal - 


Shop Opal designs here

 Peach Moonstone- 


Shop Peach Moonstone designs here

Peruvian Pink Opal -


Shop Peruvian Pink Opal designs here

Pink Agate -


Shop Pink Agate designs here

Purple Agate -


Shop Purple Agate designs here

Pyrite -


Shop Pyrite designs here

Quartz -


Shop Quartz designs here

Rhodochrosite - 


Shop Rhodochrosite designs here

Rose Quartz –


Shop Rose Quartz designs here

Seraphinite –

Shop Seraphinite designs here

Serpentine -


Shop Serpentine designs here

Shungite -


Shop Shungite designs here

Snowflake Obsidian –


Shop Snowflake Obsidian designs here

Smokey Quartz -


Shop Smokey Quartz designs here

Sodalite -


Shop Sodalite designs here

Tanzanite -


Shop Tanzanite designs here

Tigers Eye -


Shop Tigers Eye designs here

Tourmalinated Quartz -


Shop Tourmalinated Quartz designs here

Turquoise – 


Shop Turquoise designs here


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