Munay-ki & Shamanic Training

The AURA Room—our new healing space in Port Credit, Mississauga will be hosting our first training event: 


Munay-Ki Rites and Shamanic Training

Munay-Ki- was passed on from the shamans in Peru from their ancestors, medicine women, men and the shamans. They have now passed this on to us. Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual healing systems around. Learn how to track energy within yourself and others will be guided by spirit guides.

Munay- Ki activates our Divine Energy Source, turns our sufferings into gold and gifts to share with the world. It allows us to see in the darkness of shadows to reclaim the truth and treasures. Munay -ki is the path of self-discovery and empowerment for the greater good of all souls. It opens the doors for you to step through and reclaim the healer, the wisdom and the teacher you already are. 

Receive your Level 1: Munay-Ki Rites and Foundation Shamanic Teachings

Create your medicine bundle that will be your sacred tools of transformation.
You will be meeting and connecting with your spirt guides and healers.
Learn the sacred woman arts of movement, mudra, and rituals to heal and awaken the sacred women.
You will be receiving personal healing from them to remove all energetic blocks that is diming your light and holding you back from sharing your medicine.
You will be activating your subtle senses of intuition, energy tracking and working in the seen and invisible realms at the same time.
You will learn to sense/see your medicine and how to bring it forward in this world.
You will learn foundation Shamanic Alchemy Medicine techniques you can work with.
Learn the subtle bodies, auric field and energy patterns they hold so that you may clear them, remove the heavy energy and bring forward the best outcome for yourself and others.
Learn to connect with the elements of mother earth, the waters, air, wind and fire by removing the blocked energy held in the body and bring ceremony in for complete transformation.
Learn rituals for cleansing and ceremonies ( Limpa, blessings, Pachamama renewal, group healing, medicine visions)

Saturday: July 13th - July-27th: 9:00 to 4:00
Module 1: Awaken the Healer:  
Healers Rite, Band of Protection, Harmony and Seers Right

Saturday August 10th 9:00 to 4:00 
Module 2: Connecting Within -Sacred Union of Feminine & Masculine & Divine Source ( Love&Consciouness)
Earth Keepers, Wisdom Keepers, Day Keepers

Saturday August 17th:9:00 to 4:00
Module 3: Becoming- Integrating your Medicine
Starkeeper’s Rite and Creator’s Rite, and Celebration Ceremony
Early Registration and is open now.

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