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Munay-ki & Shamanic Training

MUNAY-KI & SACRED ANDEAN ARTS – 4Part Course starting October 4th 2019

Do you yearn to connect with sacred wisdom?
Are you searching to heal your wounds and discover your soul’s purpose in this life?
Do you want to help accelerate your personal growth, while contributing to the healing of Mother Earth during this crucial time?


The Q’ero are the Wisdomkeepers of the Andes, descendants from the ancient INCA civilization. They have preserved their spiritual knowledge more purely than any other indigenous population in the Andes.


Join us as we journey with the “Masters of Living Energy” to learn practical tools and spiritual concepts to accelerate our evolution. During this critical time in history, many of us are awakening to the call within our hearts that asks us to embark in deep healing that is necessary for ourselves and our planet.


During this four-part transformative experience, you will gain access to:

The sacred lineage rights of the Q’ero Masters, from three generations
Understand and work with your Luminous Energy Field for optimal health and balance
Be able to journey and work “in-between” multidimensionalworlds (upper, middle, lower) seamlessly
Utilize the tools of the shaman/mystic, such as animal totems, plant and crystal allies to heal and support us in everyday life
Begin to step into your power as a healer, gain confidence in your intuitive skills
Learn to initiate Sacred Space, as well as create your own altar
Engage in sacred fire ceremonies and despacho offerings
Build your own Mesa, or personal power medicine bundle
Receive Munay-Ki Rites, which include the Healer’s Rite, Seer’s Rite and Earthkeeper Rites.
Practical tools to identify and transform emotional wounds, painful stories and traumas that hold us back from our highest potential
Gain a deeper understanding of your energetic power to manifest your life’s destiny
· Access to private Facebook community to share experiences and deepen knowledge with other participants in a supportive, like-minded community


Part 1: October 4th – 6th 2019

Part 2: November 1st – 3rd 2019 

Part 3: December 13th – 15th 2020

Part 4: January 10th – 12th 2020


WEEKEND SCHEDULE: Friday (6pm to 9pm), Saturday (10am to 5pm – with fire ceremony afterwards), Sunday (10am to 2pm). *


COST: $350 per weekend ($50 deposit is required to confirm your spot.)

10% discount available for upfront payment to all four portions.

*Limited spots are available. A commitment of all four parts in sequential order is required to complete the course.

Email to book: info@shamansisters.com


The Aura Room/Shaman Sisters

308 Lakeshore Rd East
Mississauga, ON L5G 1H4



INSTRUCTED BY: Alice (Shen-Yin) Soon has been initiated through the sacred lineage of the Q’ero and Andean Masters of Peru, as well as the Mystery School Practices of the Egyptian pantheon through Nicki Scully. She has spent nearly a decade studying various spiritual modalities and practices including Buddhism, meditation, plant medicine and crystal healing.




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