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Shaman Sisters™ Designs

Shaman Sisters™ was created out of our passion for helping others transform their lives for the better. Created by a Registered Nurse, a student of Shamanism, HeartMath Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Advanced Pranic Healer and Crystal Healer.

We realized a long time ago that true health can never be experienced through a medical model alone, and so began a journey of healing ourselves through studying a wide range of alternative healing modalities.

We were blessed to discover crystals and gemstones, not only for their beauty, but for their powerful healing properties as well. Shaman Sisters began handcrafting jewelry for personal therapeutic use, and protection when dealing with unwell individuals, and then realized that many others could benefit from these powerful, gemstone energies.

Shaman Sisters love creating jewelry with genuine gemstones that bring positivity, healing, empowerment, and protection. 

We handcraft each and every piece with our love, positive intentions, and send them off with the highest vibration. We believe that every single person can reach his or her dreams and fullest potential, and we want to invite you on this journey as well.

It is our mission to share with you, the knowledge, tools, and treasures, that will bring you to better health and transformation in body, mind, and spirit. May you live your most fulfilling life and truly realize your dreams.

More on Shaman Sisters Designs:

In ancient cultures, jewelry was not worn to accessorize as it is in this day and age, it was worn to enhance the energy fields of the person wearing it - primarily for spiritual and personal growth. The ancients would wear specific stones and materials, depending on what areas they were working on. This is exactly why we named our jewelry Shaman Sisters™ Designs. The name represents transformation and personal growth from the healing powers of the gemstones that are used.

Each and every Shaman Sisters™ Design is:

Shaman Sisters™ Designs is passionate about women's transformation and empowerment. A percentage of every purchase is donated to women's shelters.




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